Denco Aluminum

Denco employs 9 employees from the local area but often expands its workforce to meet production demands, and distributes their products worldwide. From BBQ grill components to high-end automotive racing products, Denco has the ability and capacity to fill nearly any customer order, ranging from 200 to 200,000 or more units.

For more information regarding our products or manufacturing cababilites, call (620) 724-6325.

Permanent Mold Process

Short Runs/Long Runs

In-House Heat Treatment

Our Foundry

Denco utilizes the permanent mold process. The use of permanent mold castings increases output productivity, as well as ensuring better dimensional accuracy of finished product. Denco has the ability to heat treat aluminum castings which improves its mechanical and physical properties. The use of both permanent mold castings and in-house heat treatment allows Denco to produce a wide range of aluminum components from start to finish. Denco utilizes Theromtronix furnaces, four Stahl Autocast casting machines, and one Hall HM-3 permanent mold machine.

From ounces to pounds, from runs of a few hundred to a few hundred thousand - Denco can handle any job, big or small. Call Denco at 620-724-6325 and let us help you meet your company’s needs.

Denco Aluminum's foundry is located in the southeast corner of Kansas in the virtual center of the United States, approximately two hours south of Kansas City. This can result in reduced delivery times and shipping costs which will save your company money!